Conifer Blight. A pensioner’s view restored

We serve some of the largest organisations, businesses and educational institutions across Liverpool and the greater Merseyside area.

On this occasion we restored light to Liverpool pensioner and centurian, Mr. Bennet. An overgrown conifer was obstructed his view across his garden and making his livging room and kitchen dull, for lack of sunlight. Watch the video timelapse here to see how we dealt with the perennial problem of fast growing leylandii in his garden, to his obvious delight. Mr Bennet is very complimentary about our work, conduct and post clean-up of his garden. “Very, very wouldn’t know they’d been here”, he s

Mr Bennet Said

“North West Landscapes were very good, very industrious, almost like he had a comb and scissors trimming it down. The thing was done professionally, no amateur about it. It was absolutely amazing, every bit of rubbish was gone. They made a very excellent job of doing it. The price was very much acceptable”

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