Transformation of St. Andrews Church





Dramatic after!  The dark wall shadow indicates floor level and previous growth

Neglect & the need to clear the site of vegetation

In 2009, St. Andrews church had ben neglected and used by homeless people and drug users. The roof had fallen in some 18years before leading to dense vegetative growth. An additional issue was the littering of the site with spent drug users’ syringes, a clear health & safety issue to be addressed in clearing the site, to allow building work, structure stabilisation to begin.

So what did the client say about our work?

MatherEllis-stone-masons-logo“When Dave said the job would take three days, I thought, it’ll take longer than that.. But the transformation of the site on the third day, despite atrocious weather, was amazing to see (photos). They’re terrific grafters. They provided a full Health & Safety site assessment before starting work [essential given the risk of sharps/ the site had been used by addicts] and liaised closely with our team during the course of the job. We have no hesitation in recommending NW Landscapes.”
Terry Doyle, Mather & Ellis Stonemasons (estab. 1880)


drug users’ syringes littered the site requiring careful health & safety procedures to be set in place



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