Refurbish the Liverpool Pop Wall!


Tracey Crosbie, City Central BID’s Event Manager celebrates a revitalised No1 record before it takes its proud place

The revival of the Pop Wall in Matthew Street

The call came from City Central business district to refurbish the tired and neglected Liverpool Pop Wall in the city’s famous Cavern Walks district. A mecca for tourists, the pop wall commemorates Liverpool’s status as ‘Capital of Pop’! Apparently the city has had more No1 hits than any other in the world. The ‘golden’ disks were looking tarnished, the space a little unloved. We removed the disks, had them dipped in acid. They were then lacquered to ensure they’ll last in excellent condition for a good time to come.

As partners with City Central Business Improvement District in Liverpool, we not only refurbished the Pop wall, but repaint bins and benches and installed and maintain over 700 floral displays. We’re ideally placed with our schedule of early morning watering to deliver the spick and span to the retail district’s appearance. We ensure the necessary work is completed and drying before the first visitors arrive in the city centre. We ensure the city’s central retail area always looks as good as it should to present the right image of the city to visitors.


disks removed from Pop Wall; discolouration of disks, wall needing repaint, cleaning

disks dipped in acid, cleaned and protective lacquer applied

disks dipped in acid, cleaned and protective lacquer applied

Matthew Street Pop Wall, Liverpool


The Pop Wall reinvigorated and fitting celebration of a famous street for tourists


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