Tree work surgeons Liverpool | pruning, crown lifting & removal services

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Tree work surgeons Liverpool

We provide full tree care services including tree pruning, height reduction, crown lifting & thinning, removal, felling, pollarding, stump removal & planting. We’re approved arboreal specialists working to the highest safety standards. We’ll advise you on all areas of tree work in Liverpool, Merseyside and the wider north west. We provide consultancy to clients aimed at efficient management of your trees and wider landscape.

Vital Expertise

North West Landscapes ensure all permissions and paper work, where required, is completed by our team to satisfy local authority regulations. Where trees are concerned, expertise is vital. If you require some branch pruning, amateur cuts can seriously undermine the health of your tree. Watch our video of a removal of a diseased tree at the prestigious Broadgreen Heart & Chest hospital, Liverpool, where examination of the tree revealed poor pruning cuts had created a chance for infection. From the poorly healed cuts, disease spread throughout the tree fatally undermining its stability. The tree, in a busy ambulance bay posed a threat to the safety of members of the public and staff. See how we removed the tree and diagnosed the disease and its likely origins.

Visit our main website at North West Landscapes Ltd for more on our tree work here

removing upper branches of tree prior to cutting trunk down in stages

removing diseased tree Broadgreen hospital ambulance bay, North West Landscapes Ltd

Our clients include hospitals, universities, schools and colleges and private home owners. Watch our time-lapse video with a hugely satisfied pensioner who gives a glowing report on the quality of our work. The short video shows how we reduced the height of a conifer, allowing natural light into his house, and improved the view to his garden

For more evidence of our commitment to the highest standards of work and client care, see what Ged Gibbons, the Chief executive of City Central BID, representing over 600 retailers in the centre of Liverpool says about our services on our website, in a short 1.5 minute video, where you can read further testimonies from our clients.

Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral – Behind the scenes of the landscape maintenance challenge

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A National Focus

Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral is often a focus for national celebration and remembrance. Only recently the cathedral hosted a service and commemoration for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic complete with national UK BBC TV coverage, Dan & Peter Snow and specially invited guests,vetrans and HRH Princess Anne. In the first part of the extended look at the background work that goes into presenting the cathedral’s environs, we talk to the local company tasked with the responsibility.

As a world heritage site, the Cathedral demands the most meticulous standards for its landscaping and colourful displays. It’s a huge responsibility for any landscaper, and this task is the proud service of local man, David Laitak, grandson of a chinese seaman, raised in the heart of chinatown, at the foot of the cathedral’s estate, across Great George St. (You can hear a BBC Radio Merseyside interview with David here which provides a fascinating insight into how his half-chinese father and entrepreneurial docker became a landscape gardener here). It’s David’s company, North West Landscapes that undertakes the work for the cathedral, so what does it entail? Continues below

David Laitak prepares area for turfing at site of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott commemorative stone

David Laitak prepares area for turfing at site of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott commemorative stone

“We create and maintain colourful hanging basket displays, ensure the cathedral site looks its best every day of the week, including graduation ceremonies held here, national events. We look after the grass areas of the estate, manage and care for trees on the site, and a notable success with the public has been our huge christmas wreath for the great west door”.

The wreath is pretty large. To create it, North West Landscapes had to have the frame fabricated in steel, strong enough to support the weight and be durable in all weathers to greet all visitors during the season. The wreath is now a fixture each year, when its display is updated.

North West Landscapes John & Louis  lift the large steel-framed wreath into place on the Anglican Cathedral's west door

it takes two!

closer view of the popular wreath

North West Landscapes famous christmas wreath for the cathedral’s west door


grass cutting & site maintenance at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

“It’s a highly popular photo opportunity, it’s featured on the front cover of the cathedral’s seasonal programme magazine. Last year we dressed the christmas nativity scene situated on the approach to the west door, too”.

North West Landscapes ltd. Merseyside instals planters and hanging baskets at the Anglican Cathedral

Colourful displays created by North West Landscapes for the cathedral

Safe Tree removal at Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool by North West Landscapes Ltd

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Photos of North West Landscapes Ltd safely removing a tree from a busy A&E reception bay at Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool. Due to ambulance traffic and members of the public using access to the hospital, North West Landscapes had to cordon off the area, from road and pedestrian traffic whilst minimising disruption and inconvenience to service users. The tree was dismantled, cut section by section over several hours. The stump was ground away using a heavy, industrial grinder..See more of our recent work including grounds maintenance, hanging basket floral displays and facilities management on our Facebook pages here
removing upper branches of tree prior to cutting trunk down in stagesclearing cut tree debris from site

Tree stump grinding work

What is North West Landscapes really like? A short video lifts the lid on this landscaping company garnering praise from some very important clients..

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North West Landscapes Ltd reviewing landscape plan

North West Landscapes Ltd reviewing landscape plan

What is North West Landscapes Ltd, a grounds maintenance, tree service and colour display company really about? What makes the company tick? Why do its clients remain with the company over many years? Perhaps this very brief film featuring the company’s founder, David Laitak, can lift the lid on this facilities maintenance company that goes about its work unobtrusively while being lauded for its professionalism, courtesy and commitment to the highest standards of service..

Roger Phillips of BBC Radio Merseyside interviews David Laitak of North West Landscapes Ltd

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Roger Phillips of BBC Radio Merseyside interviewed David Laitak of North West Landscapes Ltd., in January of this year. Roger asked about how David first started his business, given his background growing up in Liverpool’s Chinatown/ dockside area..Hear the first part of this interview here accompanied by photographs and video

Roger Phillips of BBC Radio Merseyside talks to David Laitak, of North West Landscapes Ltd about being an entrepreneur

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Greening up the retail city centre, Liverpool 2010Coming shortly, a series of video and audio interviews featuring David Laitak, MD of North West Landscapes Ltd, talking to Roger Phillips. Roger asks about how David, born in Liverpool’s Chinatown, near the docks, came to start up his owna landscape gardening & maintenance company. David talks about the influence of his father, a former docker, who ‘gave him the tools’, created an entrepreneurial spirit way back in the 1980s.

Refreshing Liverpool City Council Municipal Buildings Planters to add a splash of colour by North West Landscapes Ltd

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North West Landscapes Ltd were asked to add a splash of colour and rejuvenate planters located outside the Liverpool Municipal Buildings, Dale Street.

The first image shows the appearance of the planters before North West Landscapes Ltd commenced work; the remaining images show photos of North West Landscapes Ltd on the job!

Conifer height reduction at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral site by North West Landscapes Ltd

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click photos for larger view

North West Landscapes Ltd were called in to reduce to the height of trees on the perimeter of the Anglican Cathedral site in April 2012.

The trees’ height was posing several problems for residents. The diminished natural light made for a dark, unappealing space for residents. The lack of light also created issues of safety and security for residents.  North West Landscapes ltd, adhering to high safety standards, secured the area against pedestrian access, monitored traffic flows on a busy main road route into the city centre; and all waste was chipped into mulch on site. For more on North West Landscapes ltd professional landscaping maintenance services, visit our website at

Landscape Maintenance to Urban Facilities Management. How do you enhance nationally popular tourism sites using public-private partnerships? Watch this short film featuring North West Landscapes Ltd

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North West Landscapes segment appears at 3mins into the video

North West Landscapes Ltd were called in as part of a private-public partnership in Liverpool city centre in 2010. Since then, client satisfaction, North West Landscapes’ added value work and our commitment to upholding the highest service standards, has seen our role grow and develop during 2012.  The short film above testifies to the impact North West Landscapes have made on the greening of the environment and the improvement of the fabric of key city centre sites. (See North West Landscapes Ltd work is featured at 3mins into the video).

We installed colourful hanging baskets in key city centre thoroughfares and maintained these to a high standard, drawing the praise of retailers in the city. Client satisfaction with our working methods and commitment to getting the job right, every time, saw North West Landscapes ltd called in to maintain the city centre furniture, including the upkeep of waste bins and seating areas in key sites in the heart of the city centre. In 2011, we renovated important Beatles’ Street/ Mathew Street tourist area, bringing seasonal colour, improving the fabric of this massively busy tourism location. We refurbished the Liverpool Pop Wall, acid-bathing 51 bronze disks, re-lacquering each disk which had become discoloured and re-painted the immediate display area. Was our work of an impressively high standard? Watch the film to discover what key business leaders in the city had to say about our services.


The true cost of cowboy tree care – disease, infection, possibly the complete removal of a dying, dangerous tree

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Does it really matter if the man you call to cut some branches off your tree isn’t qualified? What harm can a few cuts possibly do to a full grown tree?

Watch North West Landscapes ltd short video to see the true damage poor pruning can cause a mature tree. Poor pruning can leave your tree vulnerable to infection. Infection causes hidden damage; your tree could be dying from the inside out, leaving it unstable, potentially dangerous to people and property. A beautiful asset to your home, or urban space may need to be removed. Poor pruning, amateurish, cowboy tree surgery could result in you having to pay more to completely remove the tree. To see more short films of North West Landscapes ltd tree care and other landscape services, click this link here


How to handle overgrown conifers blocking light – Timelapse video by North West Landscapes Ltd

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Conifers left to grow unchecked, create problems for homeowners and businesses. Typically Leylandii can obstruct views, block out natural daylight, become a nuisance for neighbours and generate disputes. Conifers can grow at alarming rates, overwhelming spaces and owners. This video timelapse shows how North West Landscapes dealt with a customer’s 9m high conifer. North West Landscapes Ltd provide commercial grounds maintenance, sports field management, tree surgery, urban planting displays and facilities management. See our website

How Do you Humanise a Hospital Patient Outdoor Space?

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Softening Hard Areas for Hospital Patients

click images for larger view

A stay in hospital can be a stressful experience. Hospitals often have limited space for patients to sit outdoors in the sunshine and more limited funds to update and enhance spaces which have become default opportunities for patients to relax in  the fresh air.  Often the spaces that are available may be small, hidden  away near to service areas. How can you humanise, soften these spaces without breaking the budget? How can you enhance the space for patients and staff?

Recently North West Landscapes Ltd were asked by our client, Royal Liverpool Broadgreen Hospital, to improve the patient seating area. As you can see from the photographs, while the area had seating, the look and feel of the space was dominated by concrete and brick.  We installed Betula pendula (Silver birch), ideal for its graceful elegance. These small trees are ideal as they will not dominate or create too much shade, and they have a beautiful, decorative bark.  The space was brightened by tubs with winter displays (the installation took place in Autumn).
These areas should soften remarkably once the containerised trees produce more greenery. Tubs of decorative floral displays grow on in season. The overall effect should be to make the space a more welcoming relaxation area.